A rag for Barack Obama
January 26, 2009

A rag for Obama? Why not? James Scott wrote the New Era Rag in 1919 in anticipation of the roaring twenties. Scott Joplin dedicated rags to specific people. Tom Turpin wrote the St. Louis rag for the World’s fair in 1904. This is my contribution to the exciting stage America and the world is entering. I have renamed my Vitality Rag to the Obama Vitality Rag in honour of this time.

More info:

Obama Vitality Rag

Ragtime is truly an American music that originated before the Great Depression. In the face of the current political and economic situation there have been many references to this period of time and to the first 100 days after President Franklin Roosevelt’s inauguration and the “New Deal” he pledged and delivered to the American people. President Barack Obama has overcome enormous obstacles to get where he is today and yet he faces even bigger challenges.

I hope you enjoy the tune!